Wine and spirits

JSC Autocentar - Merkur has exclusive contracts for the export and distribution of wines and spirits on the territory of the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Belarus with Croatian manufacturers:

• JSC Badel 1862
• Feravino LLC

Investing great efforts to promote Croatian wine on the territory of  the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Belarus, so that the Croatian wine would become recognized in these markets, we have protected trademark "Croatian Wine", with which we furnish all the wines and spirits of Croatian producers which we export to the above mentioned markets.

In Moscow we have a registered company Torgovyj dom Horvatiya LLC which under the umbrella brand " Croatian Wine " distributes wines and spirits to retailers in the regional and federal coverage, HoReCa network, and ensures that Croatian products maintain the quality standard guaranteed by the manufacturer and that at the same time are compatible with quality standards specified with GOST.
On the market we regularly conduct marketing activities, sales and promotional activities and exhibitions for the Croatian wines and spirits in accordance with established plans of sales and promotions.

For all inquiries and additional information, please contact the following contacts:

• JSC Autocentar – Merkur
  Marticheva 14, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Telephone: + 385 1 4596 555
Fax:  + 385 1 4596 646

• Torgovyj dom Horvatiya
Vjedenskovo no. 29, 117342 Moscow, Russian Federation
Telephone: +7 499 2542 190
Fax:  +7 499 2544 190

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